Push Notifications That Will Push Your Omnichannel Marketing Forward

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Offering delivery, take away, and sit-down dining, restaurants must align their messaging across channels to provide the best customer experience possible. When you deliver a cohesive message and experience to your customers on every channel, your brand gains recognition, and the relationship between brand and customer can grow stronger than ever before.

Adopting an omnichannel strategy seems like a no-brainer when we take a look at the numbers. According to Aberdeen Group[1], companies with extremely strong omnichannel customer engagement see a 9.5% year-over-year increase in annual revenue compared to a 3.4% increase for companies with weak omnichannel marketing.

Delivering a strong omnichannel message in today’s world means going mobile. According to Deloitte[2], mobile penetration in the US is 85%, and Americans are viewing their smartphones more often than ever before (52 times per day, on average). Additional stats from eMarketer[3] show that 16% are exclusively using a mobile device for internet access, and the mobile-only audience will grow by 19% to 55.7 million by 2022.

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Adopting omnichannel in the mobile era usually means that you need to use push notifications to be heard. Push notifications are a helpful tool for delivering value to your customers, improving brand loyalty, and driving sales. They not only provide direct access to your audience when not interacting with your app or website; they also allow you to gather data on your customers likes and dislikes, allowing you to fine tune your messages in the future.

Customers are choosing to interact with restaurants and retailers through push notifications and seem to value the mode of delivery. Analyzing 50 billion push notifications that were sent to 900 million mobile users this year, data from Accengage[4] shows that 43.9% of iOS users of a mobile app opt in to push notifications, along with 91.1% of Android users. The average click-through rate is 7.8%

But while customers are open to hearing from businesses through push notifications, there is a limit to their patience. Based on an eMarketer study[5], 22% of US customers said that 2-5 push notifications per week might get them to stop using an app, while 31% said that 6-10 per week were too much for them.

So, what’s the best way to get your mobile message across? Here are three ways to make your push notifications count:

1. Personalize before you push

One of the keys to a successful loyalty program is offering your customers a more enjoyable, more personalized experience by collecting and using data effectively—and push notifications are no exception. According to Localytics[6], 85% of push notification are now personalized, and the click-through rate is higher when notifications are personalized (4.75% vs. 3.17% for non-personalized notifications). Create an individualized experience using the customer’s name, point balance or birthday. Remember: This is your chance to show your customers that you know them and that you care.

2. Send the right offer to the right audience

Ultimately, the point of sending your loyal customers a push notification is to increase sales. By offering them relevant offers (or other content they’ll likely take advantage of), you’re not only personalizing the experience; you’re giving your business a greater opportunity to sell more. It’s easy to send a push notification to a specific segment of your loyal customers, so be sure to target your messages to the right audience instead of sending everything to everyone.

3. Timing is everything

Since your loyal customers will get your push notifications in real time, you’ll want to pick the times when they’re most likely to act—and not the times when you risk waking them from slumber. It’s a good idea to send pushes frequently enough to remind members that you’re still around, but send too many and you could see club members start opting out.

When used properly, push notifications can drive customers to engage with your app on a much more regular basis. The key is to nail the trifecta of the right timing, the right offer and the right message so that push notifications are attractive rather than spammy.

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