The Next Generation of Customer Engagement Mobile Apps Has Arrived

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Como Sense is currently the customer engagement solution of choice for hundreds of leading businesses around the world. One key factor that goes into keeping their customers loyal is a clear, easy-to-use, slick mobile app experience, which is something we’ve been always striving to provide.

Our platforms serve millions of consumers a day, spread across 10 different countries, supporting eight languages and hundreds of features. Of course, every single business is special and unique; our users have different needs for their loyalty program across areas like functionality, branding, and design.

The problem for these businesses is that mobile app development can cause a huge drain on resources. It takes months to produce a bespoke, purpose-built solution capable of standing the test of time.

Thus, we figured our users would see value in a solution that makes it easy for them to create a custom-made app with all the features they need to engage effectively with their customers and run a successful loyalty program. This app solution has been an integral part of Como Sense since its inception and now we are delighted to be launching the next generation of our new mobile app platform.

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Our latest tool offers many of the features that businesses have come to expect from us and much more. It is able to generate custom-made apps in a rapid time and with a wealth of features to help our users get creative.

The end goal was to create a platform that would tick every box for app functionality but through something that could be used by non-technical teams. That way, every business, big or small would be able to follow in the footsteps of giants like Starbucks in creating feature-rich apps with seamless integrations into loyalty programs, payments, and ordering.

Thanks to a few months of hard work from our developers, our new platform includes:

  • A fresh take on product and UX design, based on extensive research around usability.
  • Customizable design to fit any branding or style.
  • Flexible widget orientation for a bespoke customer experience.
  • A new method of content prioritization, enabling a quicker way of presenting the most important information to customers.
  • A new spin on some of our popular features (we’ve made them even better).
  • Multi-language support across several key territories.

Our tests revealed that it should take around 30 minutes to set up a fully branded and customized mobile app, so our Account teams will be able to get one of the key features in your engagement suite up and running within hours.

Customers using the previous platform can also benefit from the new version through slick and easy migration. Businesses will be contacted individually to inform them about their migration options and timelines.

Apps are an important pillar of customer engagement, so we’re thrilled to be able to provide something that strengthens our product offering as well as provide better value for our business customers and better customer experience for their customers.

Our new app platform is currently in pilot mode. We’re advising all of our customers to keep an eye on their mailboxes and the Como site for more details regarding a wider launch in the very near future.

To learn more about how the new features of Como Sense can help you improve your guest experience, schedule a free demo with a Como expert today.

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Yaniv Nisim Siso

Yaniv Nisim Siso is a Product Manager at Como responsible for Como’s front-end apps and UX. He has more than a decade of experience in product management and UX designs in Retail, Mobile, Services and Customer Care.

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