Leverage Holiday Promotions with Customer Engagement Tools to Increase Marketing Campaign ROI

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Retail holiday sales in the US reached $680 billion in 2017 [1], making up as much as twenty percent of total retail industry sales [2]. Retail isn’t the only sector that benefits from the busy holiday shopping season. In 2017, during the four weeks between Black Friday and Christmas, spending in casual-dining restaurants increased 8.21 percent, and spending in quick-service restaurants grew by 6.32 percent [3].

For restaurant and hospitality chains, leveraging customer engagement tools to create and manage personalized loyalty activities during the holidays can significantly increase revenue as well as boost long-term customer retention.

Savvy marketers know that the holiday rush is a critical time of year to maximize the value of their marketing budgets. Promotional spend can be turned into a significant revenue generator if you have the tools in place to collect data, increase customer retention, and sustain long-term growth.

With a customer engagement tool like Como Sense, you can make the perks of a traditional loyalty program available by only asking for a customer’s phone number to identify them, lowering the barrier to entry. Spending even one more holiday season without the proper tools in place to collect, analyze, and act on data means you are leaving money on the table.

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By pioneering a new logged-in customer approach to mimic the functionality offered by the online giants, Como Sense enables brick & mortar businesses to more efficiently gather actionable insights and send targeted promotions without requiring a mandatory app download.

Three Ways Customer Engagement Tools Increase Marketing ROI

1. Build Stronger Customer Relationships

According to Experian’s 2018 Global Data Management Benchmark Report [4] surveying businesses across all industries, 61% of respondents said that they used customer data to gain a competitive advantage by building better customer relationships.

Restaurants and other food service providers can use customer data to segment audiences by purchase behavior and create targeted marketing campaigns to send the right incentive at the right time to entice customers back and increase their spend. By providing a superior customer experience, you will see increased retention and customer loyalty to help you get ahead of the competition.

2. Make Smarter Decisions For Your Business

59% of respondents of the Experian survey said that customer data provided them with better insight for decision-making. Restaurant and hospitality chain executives should let their first-party customer data guide business decisions, rather than act on a hunch. For example, data can make your supply chain and inventory management more predictable and efficient when you can look for correlations and patterns that you wouldn’t otherwise see.

3. Improve Marketing Efforts

Lastly, 49% of respondents said that customer data offered the ability to improve marketing efforts, giving them a competitive advantage. How can the data build a mutually beneficial relationship, while giving you the necessary insights to refine your products and services? Think about the ways that you can use your customer’s data to benefit them while enhancing your existing marketing practices.

How Customer Engagement Tools Can Help

There are many ways to gain valuable insights from your owned customer data, but first, you need a method in place to maximize the amount that you can collect. Don’t miss out on the opportunities to increase customer loyalty during the busy holiday season.

Como Sense is a customer engagement toolset that integrates with 80+ POS systems worldwide. By leveraging a customer engagement tool like Como Sense, you can start gathering actionable customer insights to help you retain more customers while also increasing their spend.

To learn more about how Como Sense can help transform your customer loyalty program with data-driven campaigns and loyalty activities that can help your business grow, schedule a free demo with a Como expert today.


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