Create Unalike Holiday Season Newsletters to Wow your Customers

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It is almost that time of the year again and what better time than now to start preparing for a fun and festive newsletter for your subscribers? It is a treat to receive an engrossing and well-written newsletter, that includes interesting-to-read content, colorful and relevant images, a structured format, or nice offers and discounts. But this require planning and organization beforehand.

At Como, we’ve put together a few ideas to keep in mind to create unalike and memorable email newsletters.


One of the most important part of your holiday newsletter is the subject line: it can either make your subscribers open your email or ignore it all together.

Here are some ideas for a good eye-catching subject line.

  • ‘Happy New Year, [FirstName}! Here is a free gift for you as a thank you from [BusinessName]!’
  • ‘See what Santa’s stocking up on this year. The Christmas Sale starts now!’
  • ‘[FirstName], it’s time to get festive! Extra 10% off for early birds only’
  • ‘In the spirit of Christmas, get extra 300 points to redeem during the Festive Season!’

Pro tip: Add an emoji in the subject line, depicting Christmas or New Year’s theme such as: 🎄🎅❄️⛄️🎊🎉


The Holiday Season is the perfect time to thank your customers for being loyal. A thank you note always leaves the subscriber feeling positive.

There are several ways to show gratitude and give thanks:

  • Welcome the subscriber by their first name: Addressing your customer by their name makes them feel welcomed and fortifies his/her budding relationship with the brand.
  • A message of appreciation: As the year ends, make your customers feel appreciated by including a small thank you note in the newsletter
  • Include a little surprise: A great way to give thanks to your subscribers is by including a little gift or offer for them to redeem.


Keep in mind that your readers have chosen to be subscribed to your newsletter. They’ve made a conscious decision to hear more about your business. Your newsletter has to directly speak to them, and here are some aspects to remember:

  • Your newsletter’s content should be different from what you post on your social media and website.
  • Since the newsletter is designed around the theme of Christmas and New Year’s, stick to festive and Christmassy content.

Pro tip: Make sure the festive details added in your campaign go in line with your brand and don’t miss the point.


Your Christmas/New Year’s themed newsletter can include a gifts section where you will include your overall customers’ favorite gift items to inspire them. This helps save your customers time and effort of looking through websites and catalogues for gift ideas.

  • Bestselling Christmas drinks
  • Make your loved ones delighted with these wonderful presents

  • 50% off 2021 planners, only till 31st December

Pro tip #1: Christmas present isn’t really a present unless it is wrapped! Make it easier for your customers to deal with it by offering complimentary gift wrapping as an option.

Pro tip #2: On your website, use an additional tab for Christmas items for your customers to quickly spot your festive products.


Some strong incentives to give your readers are offering eye-catching discounts and special offers to purchase from your store. Some of these offers can include:

  • Free shipping during the holiday season: The best way to leverage free shipping offer to your subscribers is by combining it with major holidays such as Christmas and New Year’s.

  • Buy One Get One
  • Promote gift cards: Who doesn’t love to receive a gift card for Christmas? It is one of the oldest marketing strategies and is still very popular to this day.
  • Gamification: Run contests such as Spin the Wheel or Scratch the card. They’re fun, emotive and generate high ROI for your business.
  • Coupon codes
  • Giveaways
  • Limited time offers


The Holiday Season is the most wonderful time of the year, and your subscribers are waiting for their newsletters to look Christmassy. Here is how:

  • Add a festive background filled with snowflakes, Santa Hat, Fireworks, etc.
  • Choose a relevant font: Adding a Christmas/New Year font gives your newsletter design a holiday twist! Make sure they’re fun, retro, yet not too overwhelming to read.

Beyond Wonderland, Santa’s Sleigh, Christmas/Flakes Font, Harrington, Hand Stockyard Font, Always Here, Sailor’s Delight

  • Create a holiday playlist

  • Use emojis: Appeal your readers with catchy holiday emojis! 🎄🎅❄️⛄️🎊🎉
  • Use Christmas colors: Your newsletter should include a color palette to mark the holiday season. Colors like red, green and white should do the trick!
  • Use playful humor to grab your readers’ attention. Use puns, clever jokes and interesting word twists.

Pro tip #1: Your newsletter should not give the reader a stuffy attitude, at the same time, it shouldn’t go overboard with the humor and excitement.

Pro tip #2: Optimize your emails for mobile phones, laptop and tablet. Most people prefer reading emails on their phones and tablets so ensure that the newsletter you’re sending out are responsive on these devices.


A great way to make your newsletter pop is by adding GIFs. They can be flashy images indicating sale, Santa or Fireworks indicating the festive theme and popping buttons/share links to catch the readers’ eye.

If you have subscribers that do not like to read, you can also create a simple video that introduces  your products or any seasonal discounts and giveaways offered.


Remind your readers what you’ve been through this year. Address the elephant in the room, tell them how helpful and supportive they’ve been and promise them great service for the next year, hoping for better conditions.


One of the easiest ways for your business to get exposure is by adding a ‘Share’ button in your newsletter. This way, if a reader finds your newsletter interesting and they want to share it with a friend, all they have to do is click on a button.

Pro tip #1: You can also add buttons to your social media page so that subscribers can connect with you and engage with you in upcoming posts.

Pro tip #2: If you have an app, add a button that takes the reader to the App Store or Play Store, where they can download it if they haven’t already.


Newsletters are generally short and sweet, filled with lots of images and not so many words but they still need reviewing. Make sure there are no spelling errors, grammatically incorrect sentences and the images are not low in quality.

Pro tip: Test your email before you send it to make sure all the links are working and the

Ready to create unalike and unforgettable newsletters for your customers?

If you are looking for an all-in-one customer engagement tool that includes an email builder, Como is the perfect solution. Contact us to learn more about our product and features!

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